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Adopt a value creating Social Media Optimization(SMO) strategy and search Engine optimization(SEO) for your business.

  • Improve Brand Visibility.
  • Boost Website Traffic.
  • Increase Sale / Revenue and ROI( Return of Investments).
  • Increase your "Social currency".
  • Reach Targeted Users.
  • Cost effective Digital Marketing
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    Manage Multiple Social Platforms

    Do not rely on a single social platforms to give you consistent result. We help you integrating each of top social platform and give you a Ear to all noise and clutter on social media thus managing you business profile in the most concentrated cluster within the platform with the use of digital marketing services.

    Social media services

    Relationship Marketing

    We help you have a hands on approach in managing your relationship through engagement plans such as digital banners, posts and live updation. Combined with your interactive website development which ought to be fully transactional & customized meeting your business requirement. This because the most Effective Engagement Strategy.

    Digital marketing agency

    Have A Long Term Plan

    Digital market will not yield results with a sight we help you in creating a long term plan yielding consistent and loyal club of followers. We are local SEO services company and creating valid content over time and engaging customers with repetitive posts needs a strategy & we have one.

    Digital marketing consultant
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    There Is Nothing Called As Free Bread

    Just as prints,advertisement,media advertisement etc. have cost and planed budgets. you should to have digital marketing. Live real time advertisement costs & imitative have a digital marketing budget. We help you achieve the best return on investment (ROI) by offering affordable SEO packages and best digital marketing consulting around the world.

    Best SEO company delhi ncr


    SEO Packages Startup Premium Blast
    Keywords Plan 10 40 Dedicated
    On Page Optimization
    Website Page Load Optimization
    Header Tags Optimization
    Html Code Cleanup & Optimization
    Image & Hyperlink Optimization
    Page Speed Optimization Analysis
    Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis
    Xml Sitemap
    Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)
    Title& Meta Tags Optimization Upto 5 page upto 20 page upto 60 page
    Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
    Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)
    Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking
    Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
    Site Map Creation
    Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendations
    Proper URL structure analysis
    Website usability recommendations *
    Initial Review & Analysis
    Keyword Analysis
    In-Depth Site Analysis
    Competition Analysis
    Google Penalty Check
    Broken Links Check
    Duplicate Content Check
    Initial Rank Report
    Local Search Optimization
    Google My Business Setup & Verification
    Customer Reviews/Ratings 2 15
    Local Directory Submissions/Citations 10 20 30
    Content Marketing (per month)
    Premium PR Distribution 2 in 6 Month
    Press Release Writing 1 per Month 2 in Month 2 in Month
    Blog Writing 2 4 12
    Article Writing 2 3 12
    Infographic Creation 1 in 6 Month 1 per Month
    PPT Video Creation 2 7
    Guest Blog Posting 1 6
    PPT Creation 1 2 5
    PDF Creation 1 2 5
    Classified Writing 5 10 15
    Social Media Optimization (per month)
    Social Bookmarking 10 20 50
    Google Plus Business Page Setup (One Time Activity if not existed)
    Facebook & Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity)
    Facebook Wall Updates
    Twitter Updates
    Facebook Timeline Design (One Time Activity)
    Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity)
    Pinterest Account Creation
    Pinterest Optimization
    Custom Pinboards
    Pin Images
    Follow Pinboards
    Off Page Optimization
    Article Submission 1 3 12
    Blog Submission 4 8 12
    Press Release Submission 5 in Month 10 in respective month 10 in respective month
    PPT Video Submission 10 25
    PPT Submission 3 6 15
    Review Submissions 1 10
    Infographic Distribution 5 in respective month 5 in respective month
    Infographic Promotion 5 in respective month 5 in respective month
    Blog Promotion 4 8 24
    PPT Promotion 3 6 15
    Article Promotion 5 25 60
    Coupon Distribution
    Classified Submissions 5 20 60
    PDF / Doc Submission 10 25
    Press Release Promotion 3 12 60
    Profile listing 5 15 50
    PPT Video Promotion 10 40
    Blog Commenting 5 15
    Monthly Reporting
    Search Engine Rank Report
    Activitiy Report
    SEO Reports
    Monthly Action Plan
    Google Analytics Report
    Support Email, Ticket & Phone Support
    Customer Support
    Monthly Action Plan
    Total Prices
    Prices may vary @customization.*
    #GST applicable.

    INR: 9999 */-

    INR: 24999 */-

    INR: 34999 */-

    SMO Packages Startup Premium Blast
    Keywords Plan 10 40 Dedicated
    Twitter Promotion
    Targeted Twitter Followers Increase
    Profile Optimization
    #hashtag Trend Research
    Tweets Posting 15 25 50
    Background Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
    Sponsored Tweets(Additional Cost)
    Cover Photo Creative and Uplaod 1 1 2
    Lists Creation
    Twitter Analytics Monitoring
    Facebook Promotion
    Profile Optimization
    Deleting of unwanted spam
    FB Timeline Status Posting 15 25 50
    Facebook Review Postings
    Call To Action Button
    Targeted Page Likes
    Group Creation 3 5
    Polls Creation & Management
    Post Sharing in Groups 20 30 45
    Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 5
    Facebook Insight Monitoring
    Creative Image 20 30 45
    Video Sharing(provided by client)
    Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
    Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)
    Linkedin Promotion
    Profile Optimization
    Linkedin Post Sharing 15 25 50
    Targeted Linkedin Connection
    Company Page Creation One Time One Time One Time
    Company Page Follower Increase
    Company page creative banner 1 1 2
    Profile Connection Build up
    Relevant Group Joining 1 2
    Post Sharing in Groups 15 20
    Linkedin Performance Review
    Linkedin Pulse Posting 1 2
    Instagram Promotion
    #hashtag Trend Research
    Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]
    Instagram Image Sharing 15 25 50
    Targeted Instagram Followers Increase
    Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]
    Instagram Analytics Monitoring
    Profile Optimization
    Google+ Promotion
    Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
    Profile Optimization
    Google+ timeline Status Posting 15 25 50
    Targeted Followers
    Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
    Group Creation 3 5
    Website Verification
    Community Join 1 5 12
    Video Sharing(provided by client)
    Post Sharing in Groups 30 45
    Polls Creation & Management
    Google Insight Monitoring
    Google Review Postings
    Pinterest Promotion
    Profile Optimization
    Board Creation 1 15 25
    Pins Posted 15 25 50
    Website Verification
    Business Account
    Customer Support
    YouTube Promotion
    Channel Creative Upload
    Video Uploads(provided by client) 5 10 15
    Youtube Channel Optimization
    Video Title & Meta Optimization
    Video Promotion 10 20 30
    Youtube Subscribers
    Thumbnail Creative for Videos
    Youtube Discussion Posting 10 20 30
    Comment Moderation
    Youtube Video Views
    Email and Chat
    Total Price
    Prices may vary @customization.*
    #GST applicable.

    INR: 19999 */-

    INR: 29999 */-

    INR: 49999 */-

    PPC Packages Startup Premium Blast
    Keywords Plan 10 40 Dedicated
    Mobile Ads
    Google Analytics Set-up
    A/B Testing
    Conversion Tracking
    Campaign Management
    Landing Page Optimization
    ROI Tracking
    Gmail Ads (GSP)
    Landing Page Recommendation
    Initial Estimate Report
    Unlimited Keywords
    Google Analytics Report (Monthly)
    ROI Tracking Bi-Weekly Weekly Daily
    Email and Chat
    Management Charges
    One time setup fee INR: 10000*/ INR: 10000*/ INR: 10000*/
    Total Prices
    Prices may vary @customization.*
    #GST applicable.

    15% upto 50,000 (spend amount)

    12% upto 1 lac (spend amount)

    10% about 2 lac (spend amount)

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