Office Operation Optimization-Workforce Management

An automated tool to maximizes performance and manage workforce efficiency.

  • Streamlined automated workflow.
  • Improving organizational task management.
  • Reduction in the number of process steps.
  • Minimized risk of error.
  • Staff Efficiency
  • Task time optimization.
  • Flexible execution.
  • Workforce advancements.
  • Reducing duplication of data-entry tasks.
  • Empowering employees.
  • Office-Operation-Optimizer
Price begins :
  • Monthly $0.99 per application* ( units)
  • Annualy $11.99 per application* ( units)
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    Human Resource Management Tools ( HRMs )

    • Manage employee information.
    • Vendor and performance management.
    • Centeralized employee database.
    • Better data visualization features.
    • Better arrangement of travel plan and scheduled meeting.
    • Management of employee vaccation, health plan and behaviour analysis.
    • Notifications for HR meet, individual party and various employee engagement activities - thus helping reduced attrition levels.
    • HR TOOLS
    • HR TOOLS
    • HR TOOLS

    Vehicular Management

    • Fleet management system
    • Moblie application with unique driver id's.
    • Real time and schedule free management.
    • Alert for saftey and critical condition.
    • Report on fuel consumption.
    • Management of route and driver behaviour.
    • Reduce cost for inactive vehicle and personalle.

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